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Cuddly Peruvian Alpaca Bears

Alpaca Bears hand crafted from Peruvian Alpaca hide.   These bears are hypo-allergenic so perfect for sensitive skin.   So cuddly and warm, you won't want to put them down! Height = 300mm

Plus Postage.

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All goods come with a 30 day money back guarantee (excluding Postage).

Alpaca Tedy Bear
Alpaca Bear, caramel and fluffy. AB1 $45NZ
Alpaca Tedy Bear AB2
Alpaca Bear, caramel and shaggy. AB2 $45NZ
Alpaca Tedy Bear AB3
Alpaca Bear, white and shaggy. AB3 $45NZ
Alpaca Tedy Bear AB4
Alpaca Bear, white and fluffy. AB4 $45NZ
Alpaca Tedy Bear AB5
Alpaca Bear, brown with brown nose. AB5 $45NZ
Alpac Tedy Bear AB6
Alpaca Bear, brown with white ears. AB6 $45NZ
Alpaca Tedy Bear AB7
Alpaca Bear, brown with white ears and nose. AB7 $45NZ
Alpaca Tedy Bear AB8
Alpaca Bear, light brown with white nose. AB8 $45NZ
Alpaca Tedy Bear AB9
Alpaca Bear, patch work and fluffy. AB9 $45NZ