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Alpaca n Leather
805 Cannington Rd.
RD14, Cave, Timaru,
New Zealand 7984

+64 3 6143893


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Alpaca Hand Crafted Rugs.

 Can be used as Throw Overs, Bed Spreads, Floor Coverings and Wall Hangings.

Sizes and colours may vary slightly as these are hand made.

Some Articles shown may be out of stock.  Please make a stock check by Email.
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All goods come with a 30 day money back guarantee (excluding Postage).

Large: 2 m x 1.8 m  $1300 Medium: 1.3m x 1,0m  $600   Small: 1m x 0.7m $250
Alpaca Shepard Rug
Alpaca Brown Throw over
RUG018 Click for more info.
Brown Alpaca Rug
RUG018 Click for more info.
Round Alpaca Rug
RUG002 Click for more info.
Light Brown Alpaca Rug
RUG018 Click for more info.
Throw over Alpaca Rug
 RUG018 Click for more info.
Hex pattern Alpaca Rug
RUG015 Click for more info.
Alpaca Rug Zig Zag
RUG013 Click for more info.
Alpaca Hex Rug white and Black. 
Small Floor Rug Alpaca Shepard.
RUG004 Click for more info.